B r e a k f a s t W i t h T h e B e e s

A sharing on the Birth, and Life

of a Honey Bee Colony at Grass Lake Sanctuary, grasslakesanctuary.org

Manchester, Michigan

Friday, October 14, 2011

September 22nd; What Clan Are You From?

I notice much more now  - honey bees on flowers - whether at the sanctuary, around my home, or along a city sidewalk.
I like to greet them:  "Hello"
and ask them:  "What clan are you from"? 
I like to imagine their home, where it is, and how far away?
Sometimes  I can imagine or feel a slightly different tone or "language" coming from them compared to the sanctuary colony that I am familiar with.

These bees, filmed along Oasis Pond at the sanctuary, feel like "our girls" although I really don't know - but its fun to play ...


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