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Friday, October 14, 2011

September 22nd: Intentional Gifts

Could be my imagination, but I think these girls "show" or give me things intentionally?
Earlier this season, sitting with the bees I was thinking out loud "boy Id like to taste some propolis."  I had it once before when visiting a professional beekeeper .  It was a wonderful experience -- like an all day candy!
Propolis is sticky - kind of taffy-like, but a little gooier when warm - and a very small speck of it placed behind my front tooth lasted for hours... kind of astringent tasting, but also flavorful and only slightly sweet. It is said to have healing properties of all sorts.  With each passing sweep along my taste buds, I imagined any and all ails being miraculously cured!

Anyway I didn't want to take any from the hive as they were using it purposefully to seal cracks and crannies etc... it didn't feel right to just take it.  But upon my next visit there was a whole drop of propolis left on the outside of the hive - seemingly with no purpose whatsoever - except that it was left there for me! ?
I asked - and it sure seemed clear that "Yes", this was left there for me - a gift from the girls : ) mmmm yummy.  thank you!

This video is of a baby bee beginning to hatch from a cell in plane view through the observation window.  It seemed odd that it was placed out there - at the edge of comb, all by itself - and not nestled in the center with other brood cells?  Maybe a mistake? A random outlier?
Or, intentionally placed for our viewing?
After all  we are not doing the "standard" comb inspections where we might see some of these things, which is a process that would require pulling each comb out individually from the hive thus disturbing days of work in propolis sealing.
It is possible that there exists a "professional" answer to the outlier  - for example maybe it was initially designated as a queen cell but the hive changed its mind and it hatched as a worker?
But I like to remain open to the possibility that perhaps the bees once again wanted to share something with us,  and that there Is purpose behind it that we may never "know",
but somehow will help guide the intuitive flow of our relationship.

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