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of a Honey Bee Colony at Grass Lake Sanctuary, grasslakesanctuary.org

Manchester, Michigan

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why a Barn-Red Panel, and Can the Bees See It?

Nov 6 2011, red panel installed over air space underneath the hive in hopes, on a sunny day,  of raising their surrounding temperature even 1 degree - with the thought that - maybe even if one degree warmer, it would save on honey consumption - leaving even a bit more for the next day?

Plus visually for us humans, at least for me, it adds some color and warmth to the area!
And a reminder of a fun day helping to paint Lana and Larry's barn  in Dexter, MI!

I mention in the video that bees have a different visual system - looking it up just now it seems they see more along the lines of the blue-green and blue-violet and the ultraviolet spectrum, and maybe some into the yellow-orange too, but not so much in the red and infrared fields.
Interestingly:  from the site: http://westmtnapiary.com/Bees_and_color.html 

"If deprived of UV light, 
bees lose interest in foraging, 
and remain in the hive until forced out 
by severe food shortages. . "

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