B r e a k f a s t W i t h T h e B e e s

A sharing on the Birth, and Life

of a Honey Bee Colony at Grass Lake Sanctuary, grasslakesanctuary.org

Manchester, Michigan

Monday, November 14, 2011

They liked it !

It was fun to open the hive and see the jar empty !
Like I said - for some reason I had nervousness about feeding them - not sure what they would like, what would be "best" for them - even though I've been reading on what and how to feed them - there seems to be many opinions on this...

Something I noticed Humanly ( for me )....
when feeling them accept this gift so readily I was left more open and relaxed in the moment.
aaahhhh.......   the beauty in giving and receiving...


Second jar of honey being placed in the hive


and in the coming months....
what do they need to be most supported?
How do I most fully serve them?

Again there seems such a delicate balance when  it comes to feeding the honey bees...
more on this in upcoming posts...

Encouraging Sight !

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