B r e a k f a s t W i t h T h e B e e s

A sharing on the Birth, and Life

of a Honey Bee Colony at Grass Lake Sanctuary, grasslakesanctuary.org

Manchester, Michigan

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

May 2011 A Home for Honey Bees:

The other day I was in my garage putting a first coat of paint on the roof of a new, natural style honey bee home called a top bar hive.   The plan for the hive is to be placed in a lovely area and hopefully attract a swarm of honey bees looking for a home.  Observing, learning from, and supporting the bees is the intention of Grass Lake Sanctuary where the hive will be located.  I have no experience working with honey bees and wonder about the possibility of attracting a swarm for our hive.  There are plenty of unknowns…

As I was painting the roof which was placed on some wooden horses, I noticed a bee walking around on the hive body just adjacent to where I was painting.  It was a honey bee!  She took flight and buzzed gently around the cool and damp surroundings of the garage.  I can still feel her gentle swirls of exploration.  She came in for a landing again right at the tiny entrance of the hive, went inside, and then came out again.  I was amazed at her timeliness, and felt so delighted to see her.  I told her this, and that the home was going to the sanctuary and she was welcome to come back, and to spread the word. She took off from the entrance and made a few more circles near my head – the feeling now as if “air writing” a message to me, in her ever so gentle penmanship – touching me with her spirit.  I do not know the words, but the feeling was sweet and reassuring, a gentle kiss on my cheek.  I can still feel her energy.  This is the space I wish to move from.  
Thank you Honey Bee.

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